Get Lean with a 12-Week Jump Rope Program
Get Lean with a 12-Week Jump Rope Program

Get Lean with a 12-Week Jump Rope Program

What Can Happen to Your Body After a 12-Week Jump Rope Program?

Lower body fat percentage, lower blood pressure, lower blood glucose, and lower insulin resistance were observed after following a 12-week jump rope program.

High Caloric Burn

Jump Rope is a form of cardio that results in a high caloric burn in a short period of time. As such if your time is limited or if you are running a busy life schedule, jump rope is your way to go.

Mind-Body Connection

Jump rope requires a great deal of concentration and mind-body connection, which is developed through consistent training and patience.

Time Value of Money

Investing in a jump rope requires a minimal expenditure, yet the benefits achieved are tremendous.

Practice Anytime, Anywhere

All you need is a jump rope and you are good to go. Whether you train in your house, in a gym, or even outdoors, keep your rope close and start skipping whenever your time allows.

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