Is Concurrent Training Good or Bad for Muscle Strength Gain?

Coaches and athletes always face a challenge in finding the best combination of exercises to make the athlete fittest of all. Most athletes focus on endurance, but in the end, the one who has good ‘endurance and strength’ will win on the field compared to the one who has the best endurance only. Coaches select the exercises depending upon the sports.

The training of the athletes is divided into different phases so that the athletes may not get excessive fatigue. Different types of training are scheduled for the athletes in different phases:

1-Resistance training (RT) means...

Get Lean with a 12-Week Jump Rope Program

Get Lean with a 12-Week Jump Rope Program

What Can Happen to Your Body After a 12-Week Jump Rope Program?

Lower body fat percentage, lower blood pressure, lower blood glucose, and lower insulin resistance were observed after following a 12-week jump rope program.

High Caloric Burn

Jump Rope is a form of cardio that results in a high caloric burn in a short period of time. As such if your time is limited or if you are running a busy life schedule, jump rope is your way to go.

Mind-Body Connection

Jump rope requires a great deal of concentration and mind-body connection, which is developed...